Our goal is to capture soil nutrient images including Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium within a precision of one square meter.

Currently, prescription maps use data from soil sampling, last season?s harvest, and/or satellite images of crops growing. 

More precise data empowers farmers to proactively optimize costs and increase yields.

Modern farmers apply varying rates of fertilizer by programming their machinery with computer generated ?prescription maps?.


Hyperspectral cameras capture images beyond the human range of vision. Specific minerals and elements can be identified from these images.


The precision of our data can revolutionize the accuracy of prescription maps and variable rate fertilizers.

A set of stones is scanned with a Specim LWIR-C imager in the thermal infrared range from 7.7 ?m to 12.4 ?m. The quartz and feldspar spectra are clearly recognizable. Holma, H., (May 2011),

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Hyperspectral Sensors