Brian Zamudio –Director and CEO. Brian has extensive experience in fundraising, natural resources, technology funding and development, joint ventures, debt, equity financing and financial brokerage.

Henry Bonner – Director and CFO. Henry brings a broad experience gained from investing in, managing and advising finance and technology companies for GE Capital and MetLife.

Penelope Nagel - Director of Business Development. Penelope brings extensive experience with asset management, project management, funding and consumer finance with leading global financial institutions such as
HSBC and Santander.

Norm Ruppen- Director of Data Analytics. Norm is a highly experienced senior executive with over 30 years of experience leading both finance and operations functions with both domestic and international oversight.


Chris Taddei - Lead sUAS Engineer. Chris has over 15 years of comprehensive military and civilian professional experience in the areas of robotics systems design, integration, and implementation.

Bruce Sutphen- Research and Development Manager. Bruce has 28 years of project management, technology and product development experience. He has a proven record of success with technical and performance centric engineering projects.

Chris Todter- Data Analytics Engineer. Chris has over 30 years’ experience providing consulting and engineering contract services in a very wide variety of engineering, electronics, optical, naval architecture, developing hydrodynamics, aerodynamics and mechanics aerodynamics, software, strategy and management positions.


Kim Fleming, PhD - Lead Agronomist.  Kim has more than 20 years of experience in Precision Agriculture, Farming and Agronomy.  He led Precision Ag research efforts at Colorado
State University and the University of Nebraska.

Our vision is to support fertilizer efficiency that helps farmers increase crop yields, optimize input costs, and protect the environment.


Our Mission is to serve the agricultural industry by advancing precision soil mapping technology to support proactive and efficient fertilizer use.

Photo by Karen Gallagher